Harrigan’s Bride – Cheryl Reavis

Harrigan’s Bride

Cheryl Reavis

Thomas Harrigan/Abiah (Abby) Calder

Published: November 1st 1998

My Rating: 5/5 Stars5 star


Abiah’s Heart Waged A Battle Of Its Own

Abiah Calder had always loved Thomas Harrigan. Always. But the war had contrived to make them enemies. Now that same war had bound them as man and wife. Yet did Thomas’ heart’s desire truly match her own?

When Thomas Harrigan found Abby dying in an abandoned house, he risked everything to see her safe. No matter that he was a Yankee captain and she a loyal Rebel. She was all that had been good and true in his life—and he would claim her as his own; and damn the consequences.


This was the first book I read from author Cheryl Reavis and it didn’t disappoint. I enjoyed it so much I read 3 more of her Civil War Romances in less than a week!

Yankee Captain Thomas Harrigan was friends with Abiah (Abby) Calder’s brother Guire before the war. Abiah’s mother and Rebel brother were killed during the war. Thomas rescues Abby and takes her across into Union territory. The two end up marrying amidst a war and people interfering trying to tear the couple apart.

Excellent story with great secondary characters. Ms. Reavis did an excellent job with the historical details and the dialogue between the characters. This one is definitely a keeper!

~ Rose

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