The Bartered Bride – Cheryl Reavis

The Bartered Bride

Cheryl Reavis

Frederich Graeber/Caroline Holt

Published: May 1, 1996 

My Rating: 5/5 stars5 star


“Do we marry or not, Caroline Holt?”

It occurred to Caroline that everyone in her small North Carolina community accepted the obvious reason for her agreeing to marry Frederich Graeber. She was pregnant, and the real father of her baby was unwilling. She was due in a few short months. Her unborn child would have everything to gain by Caroline making the strong, silent farmer her husband.

The Marriage Pledge

“If you marry me, then the child will be mine.” With Frederich’s words ringing in her ears, Caroline made her decision. She’d become his bartered bride…and risk giving this enigmatic stranger her heart free.


This was an excellent read! I enjoyed the civil war setting and the German hero & community that added a unique element to the story.

Frederich and Caroline were very strong characters with a lot of pride. People and misunderstandings along with a language barrier got in the way at times for the couple. This is a keeper and went on my Loved it list to reread at a later date!

~ Rose

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