The Prisoner – Cheryl Reavis

The Prisoner

Cheryl Reavis

Captain John David Howe/Amanda Lee Douglas30110406

My Rating: 5/5 stars5 star


An Award-Winning Love Story.

“A privileged Union officer escapes the living hell of a Confederate prison only to be saddled with a prisoner of his own. Together, he and a young Rebel girl embark on a dangerous journey that will change both their lives forever.’


This book won the RITA award the year it was published and there is no doubt as to why!

Captain John David is a Union officer who escapes from a Confederate prison. He first meets the young rebel girl Amanda Lee Douglas when he mistakenly enters her home thinking it’s a safe house he was told to go to. Their journey begins when Amanda’s father catches the union officer with his daughter and assumes the worse. With no choices left, John is forced to take Amanda on his trip home.

This was such a great story! I couldn’t put it down and highly recommend it!

~ Rose

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