Marrying Her Viking Enemy – Harper St. George

Marrying Her Viking Enemy

(To Wed a Viking #1)

Harper St. George


Published: March 1, 2019

My Rating: 5/5 Stars5 star


A Saxon maiden

Bound to a Viking warrior

Part of To Wed a Viking: The conquering Danes have taken everything from Elswyth—even her mother. So, despite the uneasy truce between their people, she knows where her loyalties lie. Until she meets towering Rolfe, leader of the opposing forces. Her mind knows this muscled Viking is her enemy. So why is her traitorous body so tempted by his suggestion that she become his wife?


Marrying Her Viking Enemy is the first book in author Harper St. George’s new “To Wed a Viking” series. Although I’ve read other books from Ms. St. George, this is the first Viking book I’ve read of hers and I absolutely loved it! I honestly had a hard time putting it down! I enjoyed this one so much I plan on going back and reading her previous Viking series to catch up on some secondary characters that caught my eye.

Our heroine Elswyth is a Saxon maiden from the small village of Banford. Elswyth and her sister Ellan are staying in Alvey at the request of Lady Gwendolyn, helping with her household. Lady Gwendolyn it seems was in the previous series. She is Saxon but now married to the Dane Jarl, Vidar. Elswyth, like her family, despises the Danes, that is until she meets a certain Viking warrior…

Rolfe is the leader of the Dane warriors. His word among the Danes is second only to Vidar’s. When his friend Lord Vidar & Lady Gwendolyn suggest that their warriors take Saxon wives to help ease the tension and avoid as much bloodshed as possible, Rolfe’s gaze immediately lands on Elswyth…

Harper’s books are always well written with wonderful characters. I have to admit I immediately fell for Rolfe. He’s a tough warrior and a leader of men, but yet he has a gentle way about him. He has a great personality. He’s strong, kind, generous and noble, the type of man whom you can easily fall for. I liked Elswyth and I understood and felt her struggle trying to balance her loyalty to her family and her growing feelings for Rolfe. The intensity and the desire between Elswyth and Rolfe is evident from the beginning. The story is well written and flows smoothly, with excellent secondary characters that I can’t wait to read more about!

This was an absolutely perfect story to start off this new series. Highly recommend and look forward to reading Ellan and Aevir’s story next!

~ Rose

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