Enslaved by the Viking – Harper St. George

Enslaved by the Viking

(Viking Warriors #1)

Harper St. George


Published: April 1st 2015

My Rating:

5 star
5 Stars


“From this day forward, you are mine.” 

The moment Merewyn sets eyes on the warrior standing atop a Viking raiding ship, something inside her stirs. By all rights, she should fear him, should run from him, yet she cannot help but be drawn to him.

Eirik has never before taken a woman captive, yet Merewyn inspires a longing that calls to the darkness within him. He takes her back to his homeland as his slave, where they finally succumb to passion. And as the lines between captor and captive blur, Eirik realizes they have crossed into dangerous territory…


Enslaved by the Viking is the first in Harper St. George’s “Viking Warrior” series. WOW, what a fantastic start to this series!

Eirik is a Dane warrior and the son of the jarl Hegard. He has lead his men on countless victories and collected a fortune from raids and trading. One day he will take his father’s place as leader.

Merewyn is a Saxon maiden, the sister to the Lord of Wexbrough Manor in Northumbria. One morning while taking her daily stroll along the beach she spots the enemy Northmen in ships coming toward her…

From the moment Eirik sees Marewyn on the beach he’s drawn to her. So when they raid Wexbrough Manor he ends up taking her home as his personal slave. Eirik is a tortured soul who is marred by an experience from his past. He knows he must eventually marry if he is to become Jarl some day. But he struggles with the growing feelings he has for Marewyn his slave and the promise he made to keep her safe. Both Eirik and Marewyn struggle to fight the pull that seems to drive them towards each other. It was evident that both Eirik and Marewyn were good people caught up in a situation that felt at times that it was hopeless. This story dealt with some heavy subjects, but author Harper St. George did a wonderful job in dealing with them and telling a fascinating story that I really couldn’t put down. I actually finished it in one day I was so caught up in the storyline. This was a beautifully written story of a couple who overcame extreme circumstances to find love. With intriguing secondary characters that I hope to see more of in the coming series, I would definitely recommend this book!

~ Rose

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