In Bed with the Viking Warrior – Harper St. George

In Bed with the Viking Warrior

(Viking Warriors #3)

Harper St. George


Published: January 1st 2017

My Rating:

5 star
5 Stars


“I still don’t know who I am… What if I’m an enemy?” 

Injured in battle, Magnus awakens with no memory of who he is. Knowing he is in danger, he flees…only to encounter a Saxon maiden in peril.

Aisly hates the Danes who invaded her land and killed her husband. Yet, when a mysterious wounded warrior saves her life, she cannot turn her back on him. As Aisly tends to Magnus’s injuries, desire surges between them. But when Magnus’s true identity is revealed, she’s thrown into turmoil—she has invited her enemy into her bed!


In Bed with the Viking Warrior is the third book in Harper St. George’s “Viking Warrior” series. This story is based on Magnus who we saw glimpses of in the previous book, One Night with the Viking. We didn’t get to see a lot of him, so I was anxious to know more about him.

This book starts out with Magnus waking up in a death pile, not knowing who he is or how he got there. He’s able to escape and in doing so he crosses paths with a man attacking a woman, Aisly. After saving Aisly, she offers to take him back to her home to feed him.

Aisly is a Saxon widow. Her husband was killed by the Danes after he set fire to some of their homes. Her marriage wasn’t a pleasant one and she has made a vow to herself to never marry again.

Aisly was such a great heroine, a kind and compassionate woman who hasn’t had an easy life. She was an orphan from a young age and married a man who wasn’t kind. Now that she is a widow, her evil father-in-law is threatening to take her home. Magnus was a wonderful hero. Although he’s lost his memory he still has this great warrior presence about him, strong, brave and yet caring and protective of Aisly. There are some serious obstacles this couple has to overcome and yet it was obvious they wanted and belonged together.

Ms. St. George is an exceptional writer and always does a wonderful job of pulling you into the story. I truly felt these two belonged together and I felt their pain when they thought it impossible. What a wonderful story of love conquering all and another fabulous book to add to this series. Absolutely loved it!

~ Rose

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