The Viking Warrior’s Bride – Harper St. George

The Viking Warrior’s Bride

(Viking Warriors #4)

Harper St. George

Vidar/Gwendolyn of Alvey

Published: October 1st 2017

My Rating:

5 star
5 Stars


A battle for power and passion

A skilled archer with the heart of a warrior, Gwendolyn of Alvey has proved herself capable of defending her homeland. But the threat of invasion and her father’s deathbed wish force her to do the unthinkable: wed Vidar, leader of the enemy.

Duty to form an alliance between two powerful clans binds Vidar to Gwendolyn, but desire tempts him to distraction. Her nature is to dominate, but he’s determined to seduce her into submission on the battlefield—and in the bedchamber…


The Viking Warrior’s Bride is the fourth and final book in Harper St. George’s “Viking Warrior” series. I have to admit I’m sorry to see this particular series end. I’ve enjoyed my time with these characters and this final book was just perfect to end this series.

Vidar is a Dane warrior and the youngest son of jarl Hegard. His older brother Eirik and half-brother Gunnar were the heroes in two of the previous books in this series. If you’ve read the previous books in this series, then you have already met Vidar.

Gwendolyn of Alvey is a new character although she was mentioned briefly at the end of the last book, In Bed with the Viking Warrior. Her father and Jarl Eirik made an arrangement for a marriage between her and Jarl Eirik’s best warrior as an alliance. Gwendolyn is a skilled archer and has led her people since her father died.

I absolutely loved Gwendolyn! She was such a fabulous heroine. She’s strong, brave, skilled as an archer and has the respect of her father’s men. She doesn’t want this arranged marriage anymore than Vidar does. Oh my Vidar! He’s grown up from the young man we first met. He’s expecting a biddable wife. Boy did he get it wrong! LOL! Gwendolyn is full of fire and wildness and fights him at every turn. But yet he finds himself admiring her strength and respecting her. There was a lot of tension between these two at first, but also a simmering attraction. Vidar and Gwendolyn were a fabulous couple and I loved seeing them together. They really were perfect together and I liked that the author let them get to know each other first to let the respect and love grow.

This was a perfect ending to this series! Harper St. George went all out on this one. The writing was flawless, the secondary characters entertaining, and the storyline captivated me that I finished it in one day! This entire series was one I simply devoured. I would highly recommend this book and the entire series.

~ Rose

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