Second Chance with Her Billionaire – Therese Beharrie

Second Chance with Her Billionaire

(Billionaires for Heiresses #1)

Therese Beharrie

Wyatt Montgomery/Summer Bishop

Published: March 1st 2019

My Rating:

5 star
5 Stars


From “I don’t”… 

To “I do”?

In this Billionaires for Heiresses story, Summer Bishop knew her parents’ anniversary party in stunning South Africa would be hard. Spending the week with her gorgeous ex-husband, Wyatt Montgomery, reminds Summer of their painful divorce but also—inconveniently—why she fell in love with him! Summer never told Wyatt why she left, and he’s determined to uncover her secrets. Will Summer reveal her heart for a second chance with her husband?


Second Chance with her Billionaire is the first book in author Therese Beharrie’s newest series “Billionaires for Heiresses”. This also was the first book I have had the pleasure of reading from this author and it’s definitely not the last! I was impressed with Ms. Beharrie’s style of writing and loved the unique backdrop of being set in South Africa.

Wyatt Montgomery is the right-hand man to the CEO of Bishop Enterprises. A stark contrast from his humble and turbulent upbringing. He’s attending a weekend celebration for his boss’s thirtieth anniversary, who also happens to be his ex-father-in-law ….

Summer Bishop is not looking forward to her parent’s anniversary party. She feels as if she’s an outsider to her family. Then there is the possibility of seeing her ex-husband, the man she’d walked away from two years ago…

My first impressions of Wyatt and Summer were of a couple who married too quickly and too young. I liked them both and it was pretty obvious from the start they were still attracted to each other. As we get into the story, the reasons for their divorce turned to much more than I initially thought. I felt heartbroken for these two and became invested in them finding a way to get over the obstacles between them. I liked the pacing of the story and the way Ms. Beharrie got both characters to realize the truth of their past, and to finally admit to each other why their marriage failed. This was a beautifully written story of a second chance romance that truly had me smiling at the end. I absolutely loved the Epilogue and can’t wait to read Autumn’s story next! I’ll definitely be adding Ms. Beharrie to my authors to read from now on! Highly recommend!

~ Rose

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