Married to Her Enemy – Jenni Fletcher

Married to Her Enemy

Jenni Fletcher

Sir Svend du Danemark/Lady Aediva of Etton

Published: January 1, 2017

My Rating: 5/55 star


From captive to bride… 

Lady Aediva of Etton will do anything to protect her sister, Cille. So when enemies storm her family’s keep, Aediva assumes Cille’s identity…taking her place as prisoner of Sir Svend du Danemark.

Svend’s sole aim is to fulfill his service to William the Conqueror and rebuild the life a woman’s betrayal once lost him. So when he receives his new orders to quash the Saxon rebellion, he is stunned. To do his duty, he must vow to take the beautiful yet provoking Aediva as his wife!


Married to her Enemy is author Jenni Fletcher’s debut novel. I’ve had the pleasure of reading all of Ms. Fletcher’s books to date and loved them, so was looking forward to reading the one book I had yet to read. Well let me tell you, I’m in awe! This is an absolutely fabulous book and shows exactly how talented Ms. Fletcher is.

Sir Svend du Danemark is the son of a Danish farmer. He’s earned his position as a Knight in the King’s personal guard. He’s sent by the King’s deputy to escort Lady Cille back to Redbourn. What Svend doesn’t know is Lady Cille is actually her sister Lady Aediva….

Lady Aediva of Etton is a Saxon maiden. To protect her sister and nephew she pretends to be her sister Lady Cille and returns with Svend to Redbourn. What she doesn’t expect is to start to have feelings for her enemy Svend…

Both Svend and Aediva are strong characters, loyal and protective and find it hard to trust each other in the beginning. They are enemies and yet the tension and attraction between them is there from the start. Aediva has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders and no one to turn to. She would do anything to save her sister and nephew. Svend feels that Aediva is hiding something from him. He struggles to trust her and thinks she’s the most infuriating woman he’s ever known. Whether they were fighting or trying to resist their attraction, there was just this great chemistry between them. They truly were a great couple and I was happy to see them finally trust in each other and admit their feelings.

This was a wonderful enemies to lovers story and I’m still in disbelief that this was a debut novel. Such a fantastic book from the pen of Jenni Fletcher! She’s an author I highly recommend from her debut novel to her very latest, you won’t be disappointed!

~ Rose


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Jenni Fletcher

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