A Midnight Dance – Lila DiPasqua

A Midnight Dance

(Fiery Tales #1)

Lila DiPasqua

Jules de Moutier/Sabine Laurent

Published: October 26, 2015

My Rating:

5 star
5 Stars


Inspired by the tale of Cinderella, an erotically charged historical romance that offers a glass slipper, a dangerous deception, and an impoverished beauty determined to find her handsome prince…and make him pay.

Born into wealth, Sabine Laurent and her twin sister lived a life of luxury, their father’s prestigious theater frequented by royalty and aristocracy alike. And Sabine dreamed of her own prince charming—the devastatingly handsome Jules de Moutier.

That was before the loss of her sister and her family’s fall from grace—a disaster Sabine blames on the Moutier family. Now, with her father’s death, she’s inherited his sizable debt and the responsibility of caring for his spoiled long-time mistress and her two wastrel daughters. But with the help of Sabine’s eccentric friends—the balance of her father’s acting troupe—she plans to get very close to her old infatuation, seduce the rake—and make away with a fortune.

Resisting Jules’s skillful mouth and tantalizing touch is not as easy as Sabine supposed. And soon she must decide whether her desire for vengeance is greater than her desire for her one and only prince…


A Midnight Dance is the first book in author Lila DiPasqua’s Fiery Tales series. Fiery Tales are erotic retellings inspired by Fairy Tales. A Midnight Dance is inspired by the tale of Cinderella.

I will admit that I have been eyeing this series for awhile now! At first glance, I fell in love with the beautiful covers and the fact they were inspired from fairy tales intrigued me. This was the first book I had the pleasure of reading from Ms. DiPasqua and it’s not the last! I loved this story and her writing style and look forward to reading more from her in the future!

Jules de Moutier was the firstborn son of the powerful and prominent Marquis de Blainville. After his father was convicted and executed for treason, Jules has spent the last five years privateering to reclaim everything his family lost.

Sabine Laurent’s late father was a prominent playwright. She’d been raised around actors and could play any role. When her father leaves the family in debt she is desperate to save her family.

I absolutely loved Sabine and Jules from the start. Both are strong, intelligent people who have lost much in their lives. They both have taken it upon their shoulders to restore their families. The chemistry between these two was hot, off the charts hot! The secondary characters were entertaining, the story line intriguing! The evil villain was not at all what I expected and in all honesty I could not put this book down! What a fabulous story!

Ms. DiPasqua just gained a new fan in me. I highly recommend this book and am looking forward to reading the rest of this series!

~ Rose

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