The Bad Sister – Rachael Stewart

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When movie star Carrie Evans is forced to ask old flame Dan for help, she must find more than just his forgiveness as their twisted past blurs the lines between love and hate.

The Bad Sister

Rachael Stewart

Dan Stevenson/Carrie Evans

Published: April 23. 2019

My Rating:  5/5 Stars5 star



When movie star Carrie Evans begs her ordinary twin sister to switch lives with her for three weeks, all Carrie can think about is escaping the trappings of Hollywood. But returning to England throws her into the path of old flame Dan Stevenson, the boy she left behind—without telling him why. And Dan’s no longer the soft, dependable guy, quick to do her bidding. He’s hot, sexy and dangerous…everything her career-savvy self should run away from.

But she can’t.

When Carrie walked out of Dan’s life without a backward glance, she broke his heart. Now, she’s back begging him to help save her sister’s business. The fire is still there: he wants her, and she wants him. But forgiveness? Never. He’s not the boy he once was. He’s a man in control, used to getting what he wants, and he’ll help her, as well as do a whole lot more.

But can their hearts survive a second time around…especially when the truth of the past comes out?Review_RmA

The Bad Sister is the second book in a two book series featuring twin sisters by author Rachael Stewart. Although both books can be read as stand-alone’s, I highly recommend you read both!

Our heroine in this story Carrie Evans did play a role in the first book. I’ll admit I wasn’t sure about her in the last book and didn’t like her as much as her sister Isla. So knowing this was Carrie’s story, I was anxious to see if Ms. Stewart could change my mind about her…. Well, not only did she get me to like Carrie, I ended up actually loving her… Getting to see things from Carrie’s point of a view was a real eye opener.

Dan Stevenson grew up with Carrie and Isla. As kids they were inseparable. When they became teens, Isla fell in love with Dan, Dan fell in love with Carrie, and Carrie was in love with herself and left to pursue fame…or at least that’s what everyone believed. So when Carrie shows back up in England asking for Dan’s help, he’s not exactly happy to see her!

Wow oh wow! This book was soooo good! Ms. Stewart has a unique talent of grabbing you from the absolute beginning of the book and not letting go until the very end. Carrie was such a surprise to me in this story. I thought I knew who she was, but boy was I wrong. After getting to know Carrie’s side of the events that happened ten years ago, and seeing her insecurities and fears, I really began to admire her and wanted to see her finally get her HEA.

As for Dan… he’s a hot, sexy, powerhouse of a man. He’s one guy who takes what he wants and doesn’t let anyone stand in his way! I’ve said it before in past reviews when it comes to writing sexy, swoon-worthy heroes, Rachael Stewart is one of the best! The attraction between these two is evident even after a ten-year separation, and was just smoking hot off the charts! I became invested in them as a couple and hoped they could get over their past to work towards a future together. It was great to see Isla and Brad again and the ending to this book was absolutely perfect!

Another fabulous, hot, sexy and well-written story from author Rachael Stewart that I can’t recommend highly enough!

~ Rose


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Rachael Stewart

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