A Lady’s Guide to Marriage – Tabetha Waite

A Lady’s Guide to Marriage

Tabetha Waite

Michael Baine, Viscount Beauley/Lady Albina Baine, Viscountess Beauley

Published April 23, 2019

My Rating:  5/5 Stars5 star


She’s never stopped loving him. He’s never stopped loving her. But is love enough to salvage a crumbling marriage, or will it be their ultimate undoing?


This is actually the first book I’ve had the pleasure of reading from Ms. Waite. I definitely enjoyed it, and look forward to checking out her backlist.

I absolutely loved Michael and Albina as a couple. Theirs was a love match all those years ago and they were kind people that you just wanted to see find their way back to each other. Married for twenty-four years, three children and life’s stresses had them drifting apart as their children got older. Both Albina & Michael regret the five year separation and hope somehow to reunite. Yet neither knows just exactly how to take the initial steps towards each other. I must say, I was extremely happy that Ms. Waite had no scandal between these two to cause the separation. It was obvious they still loved each other & their reunion was all I could have hoped for it to be! It was truly a wonderful second chance story and I enjoyed Ms. Waite’s style of writing. Highly recommend this story and happy to have found a new author!

~ Rose

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