Just Like You – Sarah J. Dodd

Just Like You

Sarah J. Dodd

Book Illustrator: Giusi Capizzi
Published: March 23, 2018

My Rating: 5/5 stars5 star


Miki is a baby meerkat who lives with his Mama in a zoo. When a new family move in next door, Miki hopes for a friend to play with. But the new arrival is different to Miki in every way. She’s tall, he’s small; she sleeps standing up, he sleeps in a burrow; she eats from the freetops, he eats from the ground… However, Miki and Raffa the giraffe soon realize that for every physical difference between them, there’s a similarity and compatibility in what they both enjoy – or are scared of! And seeing from the world from someone else’s point of view might be fun after all.


Miki the Meerkat lives in the zoo with his mama. When the zookeeper tells him a new family is moving in next door, Miki is excited that he’ll have a new friend to play with. But when Miki meets Raffa the Giraffe they both are surprised at all the differences between them. They are disappointed and decide they can’t be friends. But one night under the wide, white moon they realize they have something’s in common and realize that in fact, they can be friends.

This book had lovely illustrations that went with the story perfectly. A wonderful message to teach children, that just because someone is different than you, you can still accept them and be friends. It was an adorable story with a wonderful message and I would highly recommend it!

~ Rose

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