Falling for a Rake – Eve Pendle

Falling for a Rake

(Fallen #1)

Eve Pendle

Lord Oscar Markshall/Lady Emily

Published: June 20, 2019

My Rating: 5/55 star


He’s the most notorious rake in England. She’s a Perfect Lady. Neither are what they seem.

Lady Emily can’t afford a scandal. Her sister’s debut is just weeks away and she has her pteridology group to safeguard. It’s bad enough to be stuck in a hole overnight with Lord Markshall, and worse to have kissed him. Marriage is unthinkable. But newspaper hearsay on their “frolics and fernication” after a fern hunting accident puts everything she’s worked for in jeopardy.

Lord Markshall’s whole political career is based on manipulation and disguise. Lady Emily’s polite insults are just the thing to prove to himself, and everyone else, that he’s still an unworthy rake. He wants her desperately, but even a fake engagement is too good for him.

With Emily’s sister’s debut and a major political vote coming up, their reputations–good and bad–have never been more critical. The newspaper gossip is edging toward the truth, threatening to incinerate everything they hold dear. Can they understand, accept, and love each other, before it’s too late?


Falling for a Rake is the first book I have had the pleasure of reading by author Eve Pendle and I must say it was a fantastic read! I enjoyed Ms. Pendle’s style of writing and look forward to reading more from her in the future.

Lady Emily Ravensthorpe is a Duke’s daughter and has a perfect reputation. She is the leader and founder of The Ladies’ Association of Fern Enthusiasts and Hunters. While out on a fern hunting expedition searching for an elusive fern, she falls into a forty-foot hole with Lord Markshall…

Lord Owen Markshall is said to be the most notorious rake in the country. A ruiner of reputations. A wastrel and a scoundrel. He attends the House of Lords only to sleep and jeer. But all may not be exactly as seems…

I actually liked this couple from the beginning. You get the feeling that both aren’t quite what they seem. It’s obvious from the beginning both are struggling with things from their past. There is definitely an attraction between them and I loved the banter between them. When they get trapped in the hole overnight the scandal forces them to get engaged and eventually marry.

Emily was an interesting character. I’ve never read a heroine who was interested in ferns and it was a fun change from the typical historical romance. She’s so obsessed with being perfect and proper, not wanting to do anything to harm her sister’s upcoming debut. But under her prim and proper shield is a woman full of fire and passion that she continues to suppress out of guilt of her past. Owen has perfected the person who he portrays to the world. He was an interesting character also like Emily. Trying so hard to make amends for his past and feeling completely unworthy of love. I loved his relationship with Jones his valet and the banter between them was fun and enjoyable.

I enjoyed Watching Owen and Emily discover the truth about each other and gradually growing to love each other and overcome their pasts. A wonderfully charming story of two people who finally find love and acceptance, after believing themselves unworthy. Fantastic read and a new author to follow!

~ Rose

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