Muddy – Griffin Ondaatje


The Raccoon Who Stole Dishes

Griffin Ondaatje

Book Illustrator: Linda Wolfsgruber
Published: April 2, 2019

My Rating: 4/5 stars4 star


Every raccoon knows it’s wrong to steal people’s leftovers, but Muddy can’t help himself.

Muddy the raccoon loves leftovers–and he likes to eat them on plates. “Our son’s a picky eater,” his parents say.

When Muddy gets caught, the oldest, wisest raccoon insists he make amends. But when all 27 raccoons enter the restaurant to return Muddy’s stolen plates, what happens next is not what anyone expects.

Mischievous Muddy will steal your heart!


This was a fairly short and easy read of a mischievous raccoon named Muddy Whiskers. Muddy is a young raccoon who lives with his parents. Muddy is a picky eater and prefers to eat human food on plates. One day when a new restaurant opens, Muddy decides to go exploring. When the rest of the raccoons find out what Muddy is doing they make him return all the plates and apologize so that they don’t get into trouble. The raccoons returning the plates causes chaos at the restaurant and Muddy’s apology doesn’t go as planned.

The illustrations were adorable and I think they went well with the story. Overall I liked the story. I think young kids would like Muddy and his picky preferences and would laugh at his antics. I do think parents might have to explain to some children about Muddy’s antics being wrong, as the ending could be misconstrued.

~ Rose

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