My Tea Cosy Prize from Marguerite Kaye

My Tea Cosy Prize from Margurite Kaye

The lovely author Marguerite Kaye recently held a prize drawing for advanced readers of The Earl’s Countess of Convenience, the first book in her Penniless Brides of Convenience series and I won! 🙂 🎉

First, let me just say a big thank you to Ms. Kaye! The tea cosy is absolutely lovely and I will treasure it always. I’m so happy!  Not only does it fit my small tea kettle, but it also fits my big one! What a fabulous gift. 😊 I love it! ❤

I also wanted to encourage everyone to check out Ms. Kaye’s latest series, Penniless Brides of Convenience. The second book in this series, A Wife Worth Investing In, just released and is Marguerite Kaye’s 50th book in 10 years! WOW, what an accomplishment!

Click on the books to check them out!







Congratulations Marguerite Kaye on 50 books in 10 years!! May there be many more books in the years to come! 📚📚📚 ❤

Thank you again for my tea cosy! ❤

~ Rose



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