The Rake’s Enticing Proposal – Lara Temple

The Rake’s Enticing Proposal

(The Sinful Sinclairs #2)

Lara Temple

Charles “Chase” Sinclair/Eleanor Walsh

Published: July 1, 2019

My Rating: 5/5 Stars5 star


The rake has a proposition…

Will she accept?

Part of The Sinful Sinclairs: When globe-trotting Charles Sinclair arrives at Huxley Manor to sort out his late cousin’s affairs, he meets practical Eleanor Walsh. He can’t shake the feeling that behind her responsibility to clear her family’s debt, Eleanor longs to escape her staid life. Chase can offer her an exciting adventure in Egypt… But that all depends on her response to his shocking proposal!


The Rake’s Enticing Proposal is the second book in author Lara Temple’s latest series, “The Sinful Sinclairs”. This story focuses on Chase Sinclair, who I’ll admit intrigued me from the first book. Although this definitely could be read as a stand-alone, I highly recommend reading the first book that features Chase’s older brother Lucas. It’s been a fabulous series so far and I can’t wait for Sam’s story next!

From the moment I first met Chase in the last book, I wanted to know him better. I loved his personality and it’s obvious he loves his siblings and is protective of them. Chase is a charming, witty, handsome rogue who has no intentions of ever settling down…

Eleanor “Ellie” Walsh is a new character for those of us who have been reading this series. She’s a young woman who for the last five years has been taking care of her younger siblings and trying to keep the banks from foreclosing on her family home. She’s weary, tired, desperate and fearful that she won’t succeed.

Our story starts with Chase arriving at Huxley Manor, his late cousin’s estate. Before his cousin died he sent Chase a mysterious letter. Chase is there to try to solve the mystery along with collect the Sinclair’s inheritance. Ellie finds herself at Huxley Manor too, pretending to be the new Lord Huxley’s fiancée. Ellie’s friend Hugh is the new Lord Huxley and also Chase’s cousin. He’s trying to help Ellie get funds to save her home, while she’s helping him by not getting forced into a marriage by his scheming aunt.

From the very beginning, I loved Chase and Ellie’s interactions. Their first meeting is definitely not love at first sight, there is mistrust on both parts but an underlying awareness. As they are forced to spend time together every day going through the late Lord Huxley’s things, a friendship is formed and truths are revealed. Chase finds himself caught off guard confessing things he never would to anyone. As Ellie reveals her reasons behind her fake betrothal, Chase steps in to help. Ms. Temple as always creates characters with wit, charm and you quickly become invested in their lives. Chase was everything I hoped he would be and I absolutely loved the romance between him and Ellie. Ms. Temple excels in creating heroines with spunk and Ellie was no exception. They were a perfect match for each other, even though it took them both time to admit that to themselves and each other.

I also have to say I love when an author steps away from the typical historical romance and gives us something out of the norm. In this story, our couple ends up actually traveling to Egypt to continue on the quest to solve the mystery. It was a fascinating and unique twist and a great setting for this couple to finally solve the mystery and gain their HEA. It’s obvious that the author knows Egypt and she has done extensive research, as the story just comes to life with her descriptions of the time and area.

It was fantastic to see Lucas and Olivia again and I absolutely loved the interactions between the Sinclair siblings. I look forward to reading Sam’s story in the near future and hope to catch another glimpse of the Sinclair brothers and their wives before we have to say our final goodbye to this series. Another perfect story from author Lara Temple and one that I highly recommend!

~ Rose

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    • I really enjoy Lara Temple’s writing, Carol. Another excellent book of hers is in a new series with 3 other authors. Check out “The Lochmore Legacy” series with Janice Preston, Lara Temple, Elisabeth Hobbes & Nicole Locke. Each book is set in a different different time period going back in time to unravel a mystery. I recommend all 4 authors!

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