Daring to Love the Duke’s Heir – Janice Preston

Daring To Love The Duke’s Heir

(The Beauchamp Heirs #2)

Janice Preston

Dominic Beauchamp, Lord Avon/Liberty Lovejoy

Published: July 1, 2019

My Rating:  5/5 Stars5 star


She’s totally unsuitable…

…to be his Duchess!

Part of The Beauchamp Heirs: Dominic Beauchamp, Lord Avon, is a powerful duke’s heir and it’s his duty to marry well. His bride must have impeccable breeding, manners and grace. But can anyone meet his exacting standards? Certainly not the irrepressible Liberty Lovejoy, who’s been thrust into society after years of being a provincial nobody. She’s too bold, too bubbly…so why is she the only lady he’s thinking about?


Daring to Love the Duke’s Heir is the second book in author Janice Preston’s “The Beauchamp Heirs” series. I have to confess, I absolutely love Leo Beauchamp the Duke of Cheriton, he’s one of my all-time favorite heroes of Ms. Preston’s. So knowing that she was continuing the Beauchamp family stories with Leo’s children made me one extremely happy reader! I have been patiently waiting for Dominic’s story and it was everything I hoped it would be and more!

Dominic Beauchamp, Lord Avon takes himself and his position as heir to the Dukedom very seriously. He’s always set high expectations for himself. He feels it’s his duty to make his father proud, uphold the family name and to always behave as befitting a duke. So it comes as no surprise that he’s compiled a list of seven potential brides to consider, now that he’s decided to marry.

Liberty Lovejoy is desperate to save her twin brother Gideon. She believes Lord Alexander Beauchamp is leading her brother astray and goes to Beauchamp house to confront the Duke of Cheriton about his son Alexander. A case of mistaken identity has Liberty confronting Dominic instead.

Oh my, this was an absolute delight to read! Once I started it, I had a difficult time putting it down. I love the fact that Dominic was affected by Liberty from their very first meeting. But being Dominic and the Duke’s heir he knows she’s off limits and would never be acceptable to be his wife and future Duchess. But his feelings for her definitely catches him off guard. Besides feelings of lust, he actually starts to admire her and enjoy her company, and he feels his well-planned life going off course. Liberty was such a fun, lovable character. She’s stubborn and determined to make sure her family is safe. She’s devoted her life to her family ever since her parents and fiancé died five years ago. But lately, she’s felt lonely and dreams of finding love again. I absolutely loved the teasing and banter between them. Dominic shows a side to Liberty that only his family sees and I’ll admit he’s as charming as I knew he could be. As these two form an unlikely friendship, both yearn for what they know can never be. They were such a sweet couple together and I couldn’t help but root for Dominic to finally come to the realization she was the one he needed.

I honestly can’t describe how much I loved this book! I was so happy to see the Beauchamp siblings and Leo make an appearance in this story. And oh my… the ending! Ms. Preston gave us an absolutely perfect ending! I highly recommend this book along with all the books from The Beauchamp Betrothals & The Beauchamp Heirs series.

~ Rose

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