Longing for Her Forbidden Viking – Harper St. George

Longing for Her Forbidden Viking

(To Wed a Viking #2)

Harper St. George


Published: September 1, 2019

My Rating: 5/5 Stars5 star


“Become my concubine.”

But never his wife?

Part of To Wed a Viking: Saxon maiden Ellan would rather wed a Dane than be forced into marriage by her father. In fact, she has one Dane in mind. But strong warrior Aevir has been ordered to marry for duty—all he can offer Ellan is a place as his concubine! She may be bold, but Ellan can never accept that! Even if his burning kisses make it incredibly tempting…


Longing for Her Forbidden Viking is the second book in author Harper St. George’s “To Wed a Viking” series. After reading the first book in this series and loving it, I couldn’t wait to read Aevir and Ellan’s story. Both Aevir and Ellan made an appearance in the first book and there was a sense that there might be some feelings developing between them.

Ellan is a Saxon farm girl from the small village of Banford. She is staying in Alvey along with her sister Elswyth (who was the heroine in the first book in this series), at the request of Lady Gwendolyn. (Lady Gwendolyn along with her husband Vidar were in a previous series). Ellan doesn’t want to return to Banford, she would rather stay in Alvey even if it means marrying a Dane.

Aevir is a respected and renowned Dane warrior, a commander of men. He loved once before and vowed to never risk his heart again. To gain the lands and status he craves, a marriage to an unknown Saxon woman is to be arranged by the Jarl, Vidar.

When we first met Ellan in the first book in this series, she seemed like a carefree, frivolous young woman. Ms. St. George revealed a depth to Ellan in this story I didn’t know existed, and I have to admit I ended up loving her. She’s a smart, practical young woman who didn’t have a happy childhood. I admired her for sticking to her principles even though it was obvious she had feelings for Aevir and his offer was rather tempting! 😉 Aevir’s past weighs heavily on the choices he’s making for his future. He’s a handsome warrior and a leader of men, but his lack of land and title makes him agree to an arranged marriage to a high-born woman. But the attraction he feels for Ellan is overwhelming, something he’s not ever experienced with another. It takes him by surprise and he struggles with his feelings for her and the path he’s chosen for his life. I became invested in this couple early on and looked forward to seeing how Ms. St. George would get them over the obstacles in their way.

Harper St. George never disappoints in delivering a well-written story full of wonderful characters, suspense, intrigue, and a romance between two people who truly deserved a HEA. Although this story could definitely stand alone, I highly recommend reading the first book in this series and would also recommend checking out Ms. St. George’s previous Viking series, Viking Warriors. Longing for Her Forbidden Viking is a fabulous story and I look forward to seeing what Ms. St. George has for us next. Highly recommend this book and series!

~ Rose

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