The Spitfire – Christi Caldwell

The Spitfire

(Wicked Wallflowers #5)

Christi Caldwell

Henry March, Earl of Waterson/Clara Winters

Published: September 17, 2019

My Rating: 5/5 stars5 star


Her dream is to open a music hall. Only one thing stands in her way—the man she loves. The final Wicked Wallflowers novel from USA Today bestselling author Christi Caldwell.

Leaving behind her life as a courtesan and madam, Clara Winters is moving far from the sinful life to which she was accustomed in the gaming hell the Devil’s Den. Her more reputable and fulfilling endeavor is a music hall for the masses. One night, when she sees a man injured on the streets of East London, she rushes to his aid and brings him home. It’s then that she discovers he’s Henry March, Earl of Waterson, and a member of Parliament. No good can come from playing nursemaid to a nobleman.

When Henry rouses to meet his savior in blonde curls, he is dazzled. This smart and loving spitfire challenges his every notion of the lower classes—and every moment together is a thrill. But after Henry returns to his well-ordered existence, he strikes a political compromise that has unintended consequences. Will his vision for London mean dashing the dreams of his lovely guardian angel?


The Spitfire is the fifth and final book in author Christi Caldwell’s “Wicked Wallflowers” series. I do believe this story could easily work as a standalone, but Ms. Caldwell’s books are a joy to read and I highly recommend you read the entire series! 🙂

Henry March the Earl of Waterson is known to be rather stodgy and always proper. At nearly forty-two years old he lives a well-ordered existence until he almost dies on the streets of St. Giles. Waking up in an unknown apartment he realizes he has been rescued and taken care of by an unexpected angel, Clara Winters.

Clara Winters is no angel! She’s the daughter of a famed actress who angered the wrong man and found herself without options long ago. After spending her young life as a courtesan and then a madam, she now has left the business and is working to rebuild her life and help young women like herself.

What a fantastic couple! I absolutely adored these two, they are total opposites but yet absolutely perfect for each other. Clara brought out a side of Henry that was missing and I loved the banter and the chemistry between them. Clara has not had an easy life, but I respected and admired her for trying to make a better life for herself and for the women who also found themselves in similar situations. She was a fabulous heroine, strong, determined and intelligent but yet there’s still a vulnerability to her that thinks she’s not worthy of someone like Henry.  As for Henry, Oh my! He’s so serious, focused, and driven that he lives a black and white only life, with no shades in between, until Clara. I loved his devotion to his family and that he never treated Clara differently because of her past, he treated her as an equal. The relationship between Henry and his family was fun to watch as they notice the changes in him. There were some wonderful secondary characters in this story and the writing was as always excellent! Although this series is now coming to an end, I do hope we get to see these characters again in some of Ms. Caldwell’s future books. This was a fabulous read and one I highly recommend!

~ Rose

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