Unshackled – Rachael Stewart


Rachael Stewart


Published: May 1, 2018

My Rating:  5/5 Stars5 star


OA rich girl sick of doing her stepdad’s bidding. A young woman submitting to the same man for financial security. Can they escape his sadistic clutches and finally find true love?

22-year-old Abi Taylor is sick of being used as a puppet by her overbearing, money-hungry stepfather. Wealthy life or not, she wants out—the only question is how? But then her stepfather’s latest fiancée Emma shows up and Abi’s life is turned on its head.

She is inexplicably drawn to Emma. Their fierce attraction leaves her confused and vulnerable, but she soon realizes it’s the least of her problems as she is pulled into her stepfather’s corrupt and sadistic world where betrayal is rife, family means nothing, and sex is everything. Abi knows she needs to escape the man who controls her every move, but can she break free and keep it all—the money, her freedom and the girl?

Unshackled is a 56,000-word erotic romance novel. If you like your erotic decadence with a touch of the taboo, then you’ll love Rachael Stewart’s story of sexual awakening, love, money and corruption.


Rachael Stewart is an auto-buy for me and I’m a big fan of her work. She’s my go-to author when I want a hot and steamy read and she never disappoints me. So in looking for something new to read, I realized I had read all of her books to date except for her debut novel. I must say, I had to check several times to make sure this was a debut novel, as it definitely does not read like one. Ms. Stewart shows with this book exactly how talented she truly is!

Abi is twenty-two years old and been under the care of her overbearing stepfather since her mother died when she was eight years old. When Abi meets her stepfather’s latest girlfriend, she’s a little unsettled at the attraction she’s feeling for another woman. Emma is Edward Sawyer’s latest girlfriend. When Emma and Abi start to have feelings for one another, Edward is not happy. Edward is a very dangerous man, much more than Emma and Abi realize.

Well, I was expecting a hot read, but this one nearly burned up my Kindle! 😉 I don’t read F/F so honestly wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this book as much as the others… But because I am familiar with Ms. Stewart’s work and I’ve heard so many rave reviews from friends I trust, I gave this one a go. Oh my, I’m so impressed! To me when an author can take a subject I’m not into and have me love it, then they deserve extreme praise! There definitely is a lot of steam in this book, but there’s also a fabulous well-written story with suspense, drama & a romance between the two lead characters.  I definitely enjoyed this book and am continually impressed with Rachael Stewart’s writing capabilities!

~ Rose


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Rachael Stewart

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