Her Wicked Libertine – Lisa Torquay

Her Wicked Libertine

(Imperious Lords #2)

Lisa Torquay

Harris Darroch/Edwina Whitman

Published: October 2, 2019

My Rating: 5/5 stars5 star



Miss Edwina Whitman had a repressively religious education. For her, a woman must endure a gentleman’s attentions. But when she sees herself face to face with a dark angel proposing the most wicked deal, she accepts it for her sister, who deserves a future. But the blasting libertine won’t allow her to think of king and country in his presence. In fact, she forgets even her own name when he touches her.


Harris Darroch is no hero. Not a romantic one in any case. His libertine reputation puts his heroic prowess exclusively in the bedchamber. And he will bed any and every willing woman in sight. But when a prudish lady approaches him begging him to write off her father’s debt, he sees no reason not to enlist her buttoned-up person to his bed for the trouble. Living in close quarters with her is building up a desire, the likes of which he’s never seen before. Though wanting him, the little shrew remains aloof. Practising his ‘convincing’ skills on her will be an utter delight!



Her Wicked Libertine is the second book in author Lisa Torquay’s “Imperious Lords” series. Ms. Torquay is a new author for me and I was extremely impressed with this story. I actually struggled to put the book down. I will definitely be looking into more books from this author.

Harris Darroch is thirty-six and becoming jaded. The lavish parties, the faceless women are just not doing anything for him any longer…

Edwina Whitman is twenty-six and considers herself plain and on the shelf. To pay off her deceased father’s debt and save her family and her sister’s future, she agrees to become Harris’s mistress.

I really enjoyed this couple and their story! Harris is definitely a libertine who deserves his bad reputation. So when he first meets Edwina he’s shocked at how strongly he’s attracted to her, especially since she’s nothing like his type.  But he finds himself unable to stop thinking about her.

I admired Edwina. She’s been put into a horrible situation, and to protect her sister she sacrifices her virginity and risks her reputation. She is attracted to Harris from the beginning but tries to protect herself emotionally from the inevitable parting, once their contract is over.

Ms. Torquay did a wonderful job of bringing these two together and giving us a fabulous story. There was a lot of buildup with both Edwina and Harris learning about each, which  I enjoyed. The attraction between them was off the charts and I loved the transformation Harris went through as his feelings for Edwina grow. They were a fabulous couple and you couldn’t help but root for them! I look forward to reading more from this series and Ms. Torquay in the future. Happy to have found a new author to follow and highly recommend!

~ Rose

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