The Highlander’s Defiant Captive – Anna Campbell

The Highlander’s Defiant Captive

(The Lairds Most Likely #4)

Anna Campbell

Callum Mackinnon, Laird of Achnasheen/Mhairi Drummond

Published: September 27, 2019

My Rating: 5/55 star


Peace in the glens means war in the bedchamber!

Scotland. 1699. In a time of heroes, the greatest hero of all is Callum Mackinnon, Laird of Achnasheen. Brave, reckless, canny, and handsome enough to turn any lassie weak at the knees, Callum is a legend in the wild corner of the Highlands where he rules. Now the young laird is determined to choose a new path for his clan and end the violent feud with the Drummonds, a conflict that has painted the glens red with blood for centuries. This means taking Bonny Mhairi Drummond, the Rose of Bruard, as his wife. When negotiations with her pig-headed father break down, Callum seizes matters into his own hands and kidnaps the fairest maiden in Scotland, swearing to make her his own.

Bonny Mhairi is the adored only child of Clan Drummond’s doughty chieftain, and she’s inherited all her father’s courage and stubbornness. Not to mention his undying hatred for anyone called Mackinnon. When the Mackinnon chieftain steals her away from her home and vows to woo her into accepting him as her husband, she swears that she’ll never consent to be his bride. But trapped inside her foe’s castle, Mhairi finds it hard to cling to old certainties. She detests her arrogant jailer, even as he sparks a fierce, forbidden hunger in her soul.

Loving the enemy…

As Callum and Mhairi wage their passionate war of hearts, danger, treachery and desire circle closer and closer. When her father’s army masses at the gates of Achnasheen, will Mhairi prove herself a Drummond now and forever? Or will new allegiances trump ancient hatred, as the desperate laird battles to win the lass he loves more than his life?


The Highlander’s Defiant Captive is the fourth book in “The Lairds Most Likely” series by author Anna Campbell. I am a big fan of Ms. Campbell’s work and I’ve absolutely loved this series to date. Although this definitely could be read as a standalone, I highly recommend reading the entire series!

Callum Mackinnon is Laird of Achnasheen. He has chosen to take a new path and try to end the feud between his clan and the Drummonds. When the Drummond leader refuses Callum’s request to wed his daughter, Callum takes matters into his own hands. Mhairi Drummond is the only daughter of the Laird of Bruard. She’s a clever, brave and beautiful young woman. When Callum kidnaps her to force a marriage, she fights him all the way back to Achnasheen.

I absolutely loved Callum! He’s handsome, intelligent and a respected leader, wanting what’s best for his people. When he decides to force his enemy’s daughter to marry him, he doesn’t expect someone as feisty and stubborn as Mhairi. She’s not at all what he expected, but he finds himself admiring her and wanting her for himself, not just for his plan. Mhairi was a fabulous heroine and I immediately liked her! She’s brave, proud and headstrong. She’s not about to let Callum force her into a marriage, but she’s intelligent enough to understand his reasons. I enjoyed watching these two sworn enemies get to know one another and to see their feelings start to change!

Anna Campbell did an amazing job with Callum & Mhairi’s story! Fabulous characters, feuding clans, and Anna’s trademark witty dialogue throughout, and you end up with a captivating and entertaining story with a perfect ending! I loved it and look forward to what Ms. Campbell has for us next!

~ Rose

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