Mysteries Of Lady Theo – Rachel Ann Smith

Mysteries Of Lady Theo

(Agents Of The Home Office #2)

Rachel Ann Smith

Graham Drummond, the Earl of Archbroke/Lady Theodora Neale

Published: November 5, 2019

My Rating: 5/55 star


It was left to her to fulfill her family’s duty to the Crown.

When Lady Theodora Neale’s papa dies, a volume guarded by her family for generations comes into her possession—and with it a sacred duty. Lady Theo is determined to honor her papa’s deathbed request to carry out missions directed by the esteemed Lord Archbroke.

But when Archbroke suggests they enter into a feigned courtship, Lady Theo is blindsided. She’s willing to put her life on the line for the Crown, but no one said anything about risking her heart!

For years he prioritized his duty to the Crown before all else.

Upon first sight, Graham Drummond, the Earl of Archbroke, is bewitched by the mysterious Lady Theodora. As he evaluates the woman’s ability to complete missions for the Home Office, he finds himself assessing her suitability as his future countess.

The two work well together and enjoy each other’s company much more than they ought to. But as Theo becomes involved in one of Archbroke’s open investigations, she learns that he is the one man she can never have.

Will the same duty that forced them together be what ultimately drives them apart?


Mysteries of Lady Theo is the second book in author Rachel Ann Smith’s new series, Agents of the Home Office. This story focuses on two characters we met in the previous book, Lord Archbroke the head of the Home Office and Lady Theo the friend of Lady Lucy who was the main heroine in the last book. I have to admit both characters caught my eye and I was looking forward to getting to know them better!

Graham Drummond, the Earl of Archbroke has been the head of the Home Office since his father died three years ago. At the age of twenty-nine, he acts the dandy for polite society but is known to be a genius, an effective leader that runs the Home Office with intelligence, honor, and far better than the previous two generations.

Lady Theodora “Theo” Neale is the only daughter of the Earl of Hadfield. The Hadfield family has been in service to the Crown for generations. With her brother dead, her father places the responsibility of the family’s duty to the crown on her shoulders.

I must say I really liked this couple! Lord Archbroke played a major role in the last story and I have to admit he intrigued me! He’s considered a young, handsome & wealthy Earl who comes off as a dandy in society. But what most people don’t know is he’s the leader of the Home Office. I loved getting to know him and see him with Theo, his sister, and her children. His reactions to Theo and how she catches him off guard was fun to watch. To help Theo in her training and not draw suspicion, he decides to pretend to court her in society. There is an immediate attraction on both their parts, but they both know their roles to the crown prevent them from making their relationship permanent or real. Theo is a character we briefly heard of in the last book. After losing both her father and brother, she is taking the responsibility of her family’s duty to the Crown very seriously. I loved Theo’s confidence with Graham and how he brought out a bold and daring side to her. They were a fun couple to get to know and I enjoyed watching their feigned courtship grow into love.

Ms. Smith has brought us another fabulous couple in Graham and Theo. I do hope we’ll see more of them in future books! Like the previous book, there is a mystery that continues into the next book. This series is best read in order to get to know all the fabulous characters and understand the connections. I loved seeing Lucy and Blake again and having the opportunity to catch up with them. We were also introduced to some new characters in this story that I would love to get to know better. I’m enjoying this series and look forward to reading Visions of Lady Mary which is set to be the next book in this series!

~ Rose

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