A Deal with Her Rebel Viking – Michelle Styles

A Deal with Her Rebel Viking

Michelle Styles

Moir Mimirson/Lady Ansithe

Published: Dec. 1, 2019

My Rating: 5/55 star


Her terms: free her family

His terms: seduction?

Defending her home, Lady Ansithe captures outlaw Viking Moir Mimirson. The prisoner will be the ideal ransom for her father, who’s being held hostage by the Danes. Yet Moir’s flirtatious negotiations exhilarate practical Ansithe as much as they surprise her… Can she be sure that this hardened warrior will work with her and not betray her? And what of his stolen kisses—can she trust those?


A Deal with Her Rebel Viking is the second book by author Michelle Styles I’ve had the pleasure to read. I truly enjoyed her last book and was looking forward to this one as I enjoyed her writing style. I must say this was a fabulous read and Ms. Styles is becoming my go-to author for Viking stories! I look forward to going back and reading her backlist!

Moir Mimirson is a warrior from the North country. While acting as steward to his overlord’s only son, they come across Baelle Heale manor. Against his warnings his men raid the manor house, only to be captured by Lady Ansithe.

Lady Ansithe is the middle daughter of the Wulfgar ealdorman of Baelle Heale manor. When her father and brother-in-law are taken prisoner by a Danish warlord, it’s left up to Ansithe to come up with a plan to rescue them.

I really enjoyed this couple and their story! Both Ansithe and Moir were fabulous characters and the beginning scene with the bees was fascinating and exciting! Ansithe was an amazing, strong, capable young woman who struggles with feelings of guilt and inadequacy from an incident when she was a child and the people around her who are constantly criticizing her. So when Moir compliments her on her beauty and accomplishments, she doesn’t trust or believe he’s sincere. As for Moir, oh my, what a fabulous hero! He’s strong, handsome, loyal, and a leader of men. But a betrayal by his father haunts and follows him, controlling the decisions he makes. Together they were perfect! I enjoyed the banter between them and how their relationship grew from enemies to friends and then ultimately to love.

Ms. Styles did a wonderful job with this story, drawing you in from the very beginning. It was extremely well written and it’s obvious that she does tremendous research as the story comes to life, rich in detail. This book had some fascinating secondary characters that I wouldn’t mind catching up with in future stories. Overall I enjoyed my time with these characters and look forward to reading more from Ms. Styles in the future! Highly recommend!

~ Rose

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