The Highlander’s Christmas Quest – Anna Campbell

The Highlander’s Christmas Quest

(The Lairds Most Likely #5)

Anna Campbell

Dougal Drummond/Kirsty Macbain

Published: November 26, 2019

My Rating: 5/55 star


She’s found the man for her, but he has no plans to stay on her island. Perhaps it’s time to try a little sabotage!

Scotland. 1725. The moment she sees handsome Dougal Drummond, Kirsty Macbain tumbles headlong into love. A chance storm a few days before Christmas has blown the gallant Highlander off-course to her father’s isle of Askaval, but once he’s repaired his boat, Dougal is determined to continue on his way. His bright blue eyes are firmly fixed on valiant deeds and a distant horizon. What does he care for a smart-mouthed, independent lassie who forms no part of his plans for his future?

Kirsty is convinced that if only she can keep Dougal on Askaval, he’ll see how perfect they are together. With his boat out of action, he’s trapped in her company. Some surreptitious midnight destruction with a drill and a hammer might help true love to win out. On the other hand, if Dougal discovers what she’s been up to, there will be the devil to pay.

Will this madcap Christmas deliver Kirsty’s heart’s desire – or will her scheming see Dougal sailing away to a life without her?


The Highlander’s Christmas Quest is the fifth book in Anna Campbell’s “The Lairds Most Likely” series. All though you definitely could read this book as a stand-alone, I highly recommend the entire series! For those of us who are fans of Anna Campbell, this time of year is special to us as we are usually gifted with a Christmas novella from Anna. This year not only did we get a fabulous Christmas story but a hunky Highlander too! 😉

Dougal Drummond is restless now that the Highlands where he lives has become civilized and peaceful. He longs for glory, to do something momentous and great, something worthy of legend. So a week before Christmas, he sets off on a journey to rescue the Fair Ellen of the Isles.

Kirsty Macbain is the only daughter of the Laird of the island of Askaval. When Dougal Drummond’s boat washes up on Askaval island, Kirsty takes one look at the brawny Highlander and falls in love. But what’s a girl to do when the exasperating man is determined to leave the island…

Oh, how I love Anna Campbell and her Christmas stories. I always look forward to what she has in store for us, and this little gem was perfect! Poor Kirsty, I really liked her and the fact that Dougal was so blind to her charms and was set on leaving as soon as possible made me want to knock him over the head! Lol! But then again, maybe Dougal wasn’t as blind to Kirsty’s charms as we might have thought… They were a fantastic couple and the story Anna wove for these two was fabulous, one I struggled to put down. With Anna Campbell’s witty dialogue, a blushing Highlander, a determined young woman set out to get her man, and an absolutely perfect ending, it was easy to fall in love with this story! Anna Campbell never disappoints and this has been an absolutely fantastic series to date. I highly recommend this book, series, and author!

~ Rose

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