A First-Footer for Lady Jane – Jennifer Ashley

A First-Footer for Lady Jane

Jennifer Ashley

Captain Spencer Ingram/Lady Jane Randolph

Published: November 12, 2019

My Rating: 5/55 star


When Grandfather MacDonald predicts Lady Jane will marry the this year’s First-Footer–the first guest into the house on Hogmanay—she dismisses the notion. Her childhood sweetheart is fighting on the Peninsula, and she can’t imagine marrying anyone but the staid Major Barnett.

But when the clock strikes midnight, and Hogmanay begins, a knock at the front door changes Jane’s life forever.

A sweet Regency holiday romance. This story first appeared in the collection ‘Tis the Season in October 2018.


A First-Footer for Lady Jane is a sweet Regency holiday novella by author Jennifer Ashley. This story first appeared in the collection ‘Tis the Season. I love holiday novella’s and I’m a big of Jennifer Ashley’s writing so I couldn’t wait to read this story!

Captain Spencer Ingram has accompanied his friend Major John Barnett to a childhood friend’s home to celebrate Hogmanay. The tradition of Hogmanay states that the First-Footer over the threshold will marry the most eligible daughter of the house.

Lady Jane Randolph has a childhood understanding with Major John Barnett. So when Spencer is the first person to step over the threshold on Hogmanay, why does her heart leap and relief overflow her?

What an adorable story! It’s obvious from meeting these characters that there are no serious feelings between Jane and John. They were neighbors and childhood friends who were just expected to eventually marry when they got older. As for Spencer & Jane, there’s an immediate attraction when they meet for the first time. As they spend time together, Jane starts questioning everything she always believed. I liked Spencer and Jane and wanted to see them find a way to be together. I have to say the star of this story was Grandfather MacDonald in more ways than one! 😉 He was a fabulous character!

This was a quick and enjoyable read that put a smile on my face! A great story from a great author!

~ Rose

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