Uncovering the Merchant’s Secret – Elisabeth Hobbes

Uncovering the Merchant’s Secret

Elisabeth Hobbes

Jack Langdon/Blanche Tanet

Published: February 1, 2020
5 star
My Rating: 5/5


A man with no past…

…could she hold the key to his future?

Shipwrecked merchant Jack Langdon wakes with no memory and steals a kiss from a beautiful stranger—widow Blanche Tanet. As he recovers in her castle, passion flares between them. Jack’s fascinated by her independence and courage but, discovering his identity is not what it seems, Jack must first uncover the secrets of his own past if they’re to have a future together…


Uncovering the Merchant’s Secret is author Elisabeth Hobbes latest book for Harlequin/Mills & Boon Historical. I’ve been waiting for this book ever since I saw the gorgeous cover and it was definitely worth the wait!

Jack Langdon is on his way back to England from France when the ship he’s traveling on is attacked by wreckers. Washed up on to the shore of the nearest village, he’s thought to be dead. But an unexpected kiss with his rescuer Blanche Tanet proves he’s alive, but he has no memory of who he is.

Blanche Tanet has been widowed twice and now seeks revenge against the French who killed her second husband. When Jack washes up on her shore, she struggles to trust his loss of memory and fears he may be a spy. Jack also stirs up feelings and desires she want no part of anymore.

What an absolutely fabulous story and couple! Jack was a fabulous hero. When he wakes up without his memory, you feel his desperation and the devastation and sorrow when his memory returns. There is a connection with Blanche from the beginning, but both find it difficult to trust. Blanche was such a fascinating and strong heroine! She is a survivor and I admired her for all she had been through. Together I felt they were a wonderful couple, both lonely, trying to move on from their pasts and learning to live again. I liked that even in the beginning Jack admired Blanche for the strong woman she was. She fascinated him and he admired her strength and courage to overcome the obstacles she faced. A magnificent couple who was able to overcome secrets, lies, and pirates to achieve their perfect HEA.

Ms. Hobbes excels in creating strong admirable heroines and gorgeous swoon-worthy heroes and this book was no exception. The writing was as always flawless, detailed and kept the reader engaged. Such a fabulous story and I absolutely loved the ending! Highly recommend this book and author!

~ Rose

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