Sparky the Dragon Bus – Sue Wickstead

sparky-the-dragon-bus-blog-tourHello Everyone! Welcome to my stop today on the Blog Tour for this adorable book, Sparky the Dragon Bus by Sue Wickstead and allowing me to share my review with you! First a thank you to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for allowing me to participate and a thank you to author Sue Wickstead for giving me the privilege to read and review this book. Now to find out more about this book…  ~ Rose

Sparky the Dragon Bus

Sue Wickstead

Published: November 3, 2019
5 star
My Rating: 5/5


Sparky isn’t your typical double-decker bus. Behind the dragon and magical paintings, she’s exciting and full of fun and adventures for all children. Jump aboard to find out what makes Sparky so special. A children’s picture storybook about a Playbus. The real bus worked in Glasgow, Scotland and helped promote inclusion and support for many children who were less mobile.


Sparky the Dragon Bus is author Sue Wickstead’s latest book based on the real-life “Sparky the Dragon Bus”. I always enjoy finding new children’s authors and books to read with my grandson and Ms. Wickstead’s books are some of our favorites!

Sparky was a normal double-decker bus doing her job every day to take people to their destinations. But then one day some people come to the bus yard to discuss changing Sparky into a playbus for special children. Soon Sparky is transformed inside and out with magical pictures of rainbows, flowers, castles, and a huge red and green dragon.

My grandson and I both enjoyed this book! The book is well written with bright and colorful illustrations that match the story perfectly. The story, in my opinion, was the perfect length for children, not too long and not too short. The story focuses on a young girl in a wheelchair who along with her friends visits Sparky the dragon bus. Because Sparky is made especially for children who have special needs this young girl was able to enjoy her visit like all of her friends. It was a wonderful, positive story to support inclusion. I loved that this story is based on a real-life playbus. Ms. Wickstead has over twenty years of experience in teaching children and her writing shows that she understands them. She’s a wonderful writer and her books are a joy to read. Such a fun and enjoyable read with a wonderful message that I highly recommend!

~ Rose


Sue Wickstead

I am an author and a teacher and have written six children’s picture books, all with a bus included somewhere.

Having been able to share my first book, ‘Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus’, it was time to think about writing a book for younger readers.

While visiting a local school the children were writing stories about a journey, we read Jay-Jay’s book and then I remembered a book that I had written some years before and I read this to the class too, and they loved it.

The original story was based on a walk with my class around the neighbourhood of Bewbush, Crawley. The walk had led to map work and sequencing. Then together with the class I wrote an imaginative adventure.

The events we imagined were put into a class book. The book was shared with many classes and it was always a favourite.

Now years later I decided it was time to update, improve and look at publishing the book.

There is indeed a walk around the district of Bewbush. and following the publication of the book I went back to see if and how the neighbourhood had changed.

‘Oh, I see you have written a book without a bus!’ commented a friend.

But, look through the pages and you will see there always has to be a bus!

The neighbourhood of Bewbush was a new estate built in Crawley town in the 1970’s. The area was built without any shops, school or safe places for children to play. It was an area of high need and was supported by a special playbus which offered a much-needed playgroup venue.

I also undertake events and author bookings and love to share my stories. There are also a few more stories in the writing process, with links to real events and buses.

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  1. Thank you for joining the blog tour and I am glad you could share the story with your grandson.
    My grandson is only 12 weeks old but i have a few bus books to share with him some day.
    My children both loved the real Playbus journey.
    Thank you again for your review.

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