Visions of Lady Mary – Rachel Ann Smith

Visions of Lady Mary

(Agents Of The Home Office #3)

Rachel Ann Smith

Gilbert Talbot, Lord Waterford/Lady Mary Masterson

Published: March 5, 2020
5 star
My Rating: 5/5


It’s hard to connect with the living when you’re able to communicate with the dead. 

Lady Mary Masterson had no objection to being betrothed to Gilbert Talbot until he ridiculed her. Now, years later, it appears her chance for an adventure on the Continent will be thwarted by the very man when he turns up, vowing to keep her safe. Insufferable!

If only it weren’t so difficult to ignore her fluttering heart—and the voices constantly touting the advantages of marrying the man who long ago called her a witch.

Battlefield promises are easy to make and hard to keep.

They were at war when Gilbert Talbot, the Earl of Waterford, promised to care for the strange but fascinating sister of his dying best friend. But his is a perilous life, and to ensure her safety, Gilbert has avoided Lady Mary, a woman whose mere presence makes every cell in his body come alive.

Now fate has brought them together in more danger than Gilbert ever imagined. He could well lose the woman he loves to the enemy—or to the arms of another man.


Visions of Lady Mary is the third book in author Rachel Ann Smith’s series, Agents of the Home Office. I’m really enjoying this series and was looking forward to this story. Both characters have appeared in the previous books and I couldn’t wait to finally meet them properly and find out why there seemed to be so much tension between them…

Lady Mary Masterson has a “family gift” or is it a family curse? Either way it’ not been easy being able to see and speak to the dead. Especially when the man she thought herself in love with at the age of thirteen crushed her dreams by calling her a witch. Gilbert Talbot, Lord Waterford is a highly decorated soldier, a respected lord known for his skill at handling any situation. Yet when he is around Lady Mary, all common sense leaves him.

What a fabulous couple and storyline! For those of us who have been reading this series from the beginning, we’ve already met Mary and Gilbert. Their relationship in the previous stories always seemed to show them as extremely irritated by each other. So I was anxious to see what might have been in their pasts to cause such tension and how these two would eventually be able to find their HEA. As their story plays out we get to really know both of these characters and I have to say I really liked them both! Mary is a kind, intelligent and beautiful young woman who just so happens to be able to speak and see the dead. I thought Ms. Smith did a wonderful job of incorporating Mary’s “gift” into the storyline without it overwhelming the reader and turning it into a full-blown Paranormal Romance. It was a nice twist in this story that made this story unique! As for Gilbert, he’s an intelligent, noble, handsome and courageous man who has spent years putting up barriers between him and Mary and avoiding the promises he made to her brother to marry her. He’s uncomfortable with the intense effect Mary always seems to have on him, but their connection is undeniable. As these two find themselves in France working on a mission together, they have to learn to trust and believe in one another.

Ms. Smith did a fabulous job with Mary and Gilbert’s story. The writing was excellent and we were gifted with a great balance of intrigue, suspense, and romance that kept me up late reading! Wonderful secondary characters added to the fabulous storyline that continues the Agents of the Home Office series. Although each book could stand on its own, I do recommend reading the entire series! I highly recommend and looking forward to reading book four, Confessions of Lady Grace!

~ Rose

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