Her Wicked Duke – Lisa Torquay

Her Wicked Duke

(Imperious Lords #3)

Lisa Torquay

Titus, the Duke of Brunswick/Philippa

Published: March 18, 2020

My Rating: 5/5 stars5 star



Four years ago, Philippa met Titus in a house-party. They had a fiery tryst that ended in disaster when he married his intended–and her now deceased second cousin–Lydia. Since then, Philippa lived her sorrow in private, avoiding the man at any cost. Travelling to London, she becomes stranded in his manor, and the past is coming back to haunt her even more than it had already. Convinced she must move on, she dives in the season determined to forget him. The only problem is that the blasted duke seems equally determined that she doesn’t as he follows her to the city. She’ll fight him and her feelings for him standing; and get over the past sooner rather than later.


Titus, the Duke of Brunswick, succumbed to Philippa’s lips that summer knowing he’d soon be betrothed to a duke’s daughter. After he and Philippa part, he accepts his fate to avoid scandal. Two years ago, he lost his wife and son in childbirth and took refuge in the country ever since. But the little termagant ends up stranded in his lands, shattering his hard-won peace. The problem is that, as she leaves, she takes with her the sparks that make him feel alive. That won’t do. Unbidden, he takes a trip to town and down memory lane when their kisses prove as luscious as ever. He’ll kill this passion even if he dies of it.



Her Wicked Duke is the third book in author Lisa Torquay’s “Imperious Lords” series. Although third in the series, it definitely works as a standalone. But I highly recommend you read the entire series!  Both Titus and Philippa made an appearance in the previous book and there was definitely a mutual animosity between them. I couldn’t wait to see what actually happened between these two to cause such contempt and to see how they would reach their HEA!

Well, we finally get Titus and Philippa’s story and I am thrilled! I finished this book in one sitting and could have easily reread it! Titus the Duke of Brunswick met Philippa at a house party. Both were immediately attracted to each other and they had a tryst. But then Titus found out Philippa was his soon to be betrothed’s cousin…

From the moment these two meet again you sense the attraction and the heat between them. The sparks could start a fire! But both are hurting from their past and the possibility of reconciliation seems impossible in the beginning. Although Titas was extremely angry at Philippa for keeping him in the dark about who she was, he just can’t shake the effect she continues to have on him. Philippa was a young debutante infatuated with a handsome young man and torn apart with the knowledge that he was set to be betrothed to her beloved cousin. Her heart broke when he married her cousin and she’s yet to recover from it. I really loved this couple and was rooting for them to somehow overcome the past. I felt they truly cared about each other but circumstances kept them apart. Although a HEA at times didn’t seem possible, I trusted Ms. Torquay to help these two find their way back to each other and she didn’t disappoint me.

This was such a fabulous story of two people who fell deeply, madly in love with each other, but at the wrong time. It was wonderful to see them finally admit their feelings and overcome the past to be together. I enjoyed Ms. Torquay’s writing as always and loved getting to see the characters from the previous stories in this series. I’ve really loved this series to date and am looking forward to the next book in this series, Her Wicked Marquess that will feature Hester & Drake. I highly recommend Ms. Torquay and her books!

~ Rose

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