The Impassioned Choice – Rebecca Hefner

The Impassioned Choice

(Etherya’s Earth #5)

Rebecca Hefner

Heden/Sofia Morelli

Published: April 28, 2020

A new villain emerges, threatening the peace the immortals crave…

Heden, the youngest Vampyre royal, has always strived to live up to his sovereign duty. As the most gifted programmer in the immortal world, he applies his skills to protect the kingdom and the family he adores. But his siblings have all settled down with families of their own, and Heden often feels like a perpetual third wheel.

Wracked with guilt after her grandfather’s violent death, Sofia Morelli made a sinister pact with an unknown ally. Utilizing her tech ingenuity to plan the ultimate attack against the immortal royals, she begins to realize they might not be the nefarious enemies she believed them to be.

As Heden discovers the new adversaries and learns someone on the Secret Society shares his hacking prowess, he realizes the human, Sofia, might actually hold the key to defeating them. Determined to turn the feisty woman to his side, he employs his jovial nature and seduction skills to win her over. But when their tentative connection turns into something more, Heden understands a coding war isn’t the only thing he could lose to the spunky human. For, he might just lose his heart to someone who can never share his immortal future…


Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Impassioned Choice is the fifth book in author Rebecca Hefner’s Etherya’s Earth series. For those of us who have read this series from the beginning, this book is set six years after the immortals defeated Crimeous and features the youngest Vampyre Royal, Heden. Heden is the fun loving jokester who just happens to be a tech guru.

So we’re finally back in Etherya’s Earth with the latest in this series, featuring all our favorite characters and some new enemies to conquer! I’ve been highly anticipating this latest addition and I must say it did not disappoint! I’ve been a fan of this series from day one and author Rebecca Hefner is on my must read list!

Now being that this is number 5 in the series, some authors can lose a little steam… but not Rebecca Hefner! This was a book I struggled to put down! Not only did she add some unexpected twists and turns to this story, she gave us a fabulous female lead in Sofia and the perfect mate for Heden. Their journey to their HEA wasn’t exactly smooth but it was a great journey and an absolutely perfect ending!

So what’s in store next in Etherya’s Earth?  So many possibilities to consider! I may not know what’s coming next for this series, but with Ms. Hefner writing it, I’m sure it will be another winner! Not enough stars in the rating system for this gem! Absolutely loved it!

~ Rose


The Impassioned Choice by Rebecca Hefner:

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