A Forbidden Liaison with Miss Grant – Marguerite Kaye

A Forbidden Liaison with Miss Grant

Marguerite Kaye

Grayson Maddox/Miss Constance Grant

Published: September 1, 2020

An unexpected encounter…

Will change everything!

Self-made gentleman and widower Grayson Maddox has devoted himself to his children and business, leaving no time for pleasure. Until he has an impulsive, thrillingly sensual encounter with lady’s companion Miss Constance Grant! Their passion gives Grayson hope of a happiness he never thought he’d feel again. But there’s still much in both their pasts to confront before they can turn their forbidden liaison into a new beginning… 


Rating: 5 out of 5.

A Forbidden Liaison with Miss Grant is author Margaret Kaye’s latest novel and is a standalone. I always look forward to when Ms. Kaye has a new novel and was anticipating this release. As always Ms. Kaye brings her unique and special flair to the typical historical romance and gives us something totally different from what we would normally expect from this genre. With both our main characters in their early forties and an instant and undeniable attraction, I knew from the beginning I was going to struggle to put this book down!

I absolutely adored this couple. Grayson Maddox is a self-made man, who builds ships. He’s a widower raising his two children and happens to run into Constance Grant a lady’s companion. The connection and attraction are immediate and the reader can sense that there is a deeper connection between these two if they would only take the chance to pursue it.

Constance was a wonderful heroine whose back-story brings us a look at the Scottish Clearances. A heartbreaking look at a very troubling time in history. As always, Ms. Kaye’s writing is excellent, with wonderful characters, a fabulous story-line, and a lovely HEA. I wouldn’t mind revisiting with this couple several years down the line and seeing Grayson’s children on their own as adults! A thoroughly enjoyable read that captivated me from beginning to end!

~ Rose


A Forbidden Liaison with Miss Grant – Marguerite Kaye:

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