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Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of reading many wonderful books from some fantastic authors. This blog is showcasing only a small amount of authors and books. I will try to attach purchase links to all the books I post, but to find more book please check out these sites.

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Friends / Book Bloggers / Book Reviewers

I’ve met some wonderful people on the internet that I can honestly call friends! We share a love for books, and their enthusiasm for the books they read and review are contagious! I’ve found many of my favorite books and authors through these friends, so I highly encourage you to check them out! They all are on various social media outlets too so do search them out! ❤

Punya @  Punya Reviews / Frankie @  Chicks, Rogues and Scandals / Shell @ Boonies123 / Natalie @ The Reading Debutante  / Debbie @ Touch of Innocense / Carol @ Rakes and Rascals / Rae @ Rae Reads / Lucy & Kelly @ The Blossom Twins /  Gina @ Tea + Book + Blanket / Rose @ Roses are Blue / Barb @ Flippin Pages / Lynn @ Thoughts of a Blonde / Em @ Afternoon Bookery / Emma @EmmaBewick / Rosie Amber @ Rosie Amber

I apologize if I’ve forgotten someone… 😦  Please drop me a line if I did!

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