Lord Garson’s Bride – Anna Campbell

Lord Garson’s Bride

(Dashing Widows #7) 

Anna Campbell

Hugh Rutherford, Lord Garson/ Lady Jane Norris

Published: February 28th 2018

My Rating:

5 star
5 Stars


Lord Garson’s dilemma.

Hugh Rutherford, Lord Garson, loved and lost when his fiancée returned to the husband she’d believed drowned. In the three years since, Garson has come to loathe his notoriety as London’s most famous rejected suitor. It’s high time to find a bride, a level-headed, well-bred lady who will accept a loveless marriage and cause no trouble. Luckily he has just the candidate in mind.

A marriage of convenience…

When Lady Jane Norris receives an unexpected proposal from her childhood friend Lord Garson, marriage to the handsome baron rescues her from a grim future. At twenty-eight, Jane is on the shelf and under no illusions about her attractions. With her father’s death, she’s lost her home and faces life as an impecunious spinster. While she’s aware Garson will never love again, they have friendship and goodwill to build upon. What can possibly go wrong?

…becomes very inconvenient indeed

From the first, things don’t go to plan, not least because Garson soon finds himself in thrall to his surprisingly intriguing bride. A union grounded in duty veers toward obsession. And when the Dashing Widows take Jane in hand and transform her into the toast of London, Garson isn’t the only man to notice his wife’s beauty and charm. He’s known Jane all her life, but suddenly she’s a dazzling stranger. This isn’t the uncomplicated, pragmatic match he signed up for. When Jane defies the final taboo and asks for his love, her impossible demand threatens to blast this convenient marriage to oblivion.

Once the dust settles, will Lord Garson still be the man who can only love once?


Lord Garson’s Bride is number seven in the Dashing Widows series by Anna Campbell. This series originally was of three young widows just out of mourning who decide to have some fun… fortunately for those of us who have loved this series, Anna Campbell decided to continue on with three more widows and a jilted suitor from one of the previous books.

Hugh Rutherford, Lord Garson is the suitor in book six Catching Captain Nash. He was engaged to Morwenna Nash but bowed out gracefully when her husband returned from the dead. He truly loved Morwenna and has gained an extreme amount of notoriety as the jilted fiancée.

Lady Jane Norris is a childhood friend of Hugh’s. For ten years she took care of her father, now at the age of 28 and 6 months after her father has passed away she’s feeling sorry for herself. So when Hugh comes for a visit and proposes a marriage of friendship with no love involved, she thinks it’s enough….

I really liked Hugh and Jane. Their marriage started out on friendship and Hugh was honest with Jane from the start about his love for Morwenna. So my heart broke for her when she realized she loved Hugh! I’m so glad that she was strong enough to realize she wanted more and wasn’t willing to settle. Poor Hugh it took him awhile to realize that Jane was his perfect match and he was no longer in love with Morwenna. But eventually these two did work it all out and I for one am extremely happy they did! This series has definitely been a pleasure to read and I’m rather sad to leave this lovely group of people that have given me so many hours of enjoyment! I highly recommend this series!

~ Rose


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