The Marriage Rescue – Joanna Johnson

The Marriage Rescue

Joanna Johnson

Edward Fulbrooke/Selina Agres

Published: May 1, 2019

My Rating: 5/55 star


Rescued by her enemy

Will she meet him at the altar?

Romani Selina Agres has despised the gentry ever since her mother was murdered by a cruel aristocrat. But she’s not sure what to think when Edward Fulbrooke, that very man’s nephew, rescues her from an angry horde. Edward may be different from other nobles, but Selina’s distrust runs deep. So she’s shocked when he proposes marriage to protect her and her people! Can she accept?

The Marriage Rescue is Joanna Johnson’s gripping debut!


The Marriage Rescue is author Joanna Johnson’s debut novel and I must say, I’m highly impressed! I look forward to seeing what Ms. Johnson has for us in the future. She is definitely an auto-buy for me from now on!

Edward Fulbrooke is the new Squire of Blackwell Hall since his father’s death. With his father’s will forcing him to marry or turn over his inheritance to his Uncle, Edward is running out of time and options. Selina Agres is a Romani woman. She has spent a lifetime hating the gentry for the way they treated her people and for the part they played in her mother’s death.

Wow! What a fabulous couple and storyline. I absolutely adored Selina, she’s strong, courageous and kind. She’s willing to marry the enemy temporarily to protect her people. Edward is handsome, powerful and an honorable man. Although he doesn’t believe in love, he definitely feels a surprising pull towards Selina. There is an immediate attraction between them, but both have their reasons to deny it in the beginning. I loved how Ms. Johnson gave this couple time to know each other. Being from two extremely different worlds and their insecurities from their past, they struggle to admit their true feelings.

Ms. Johnson did a wonderful job in this her debut novel. I have to admit, once I picked up this book I didn’t want to put it down! An extremely well written book with a fabulous couple, wonderful secondary characters, a storyline that captivates and pulls you in and an absolutely perfect ending! I loved this book and highly recommend it!

~ Rose


The Marriage Rescue by Joanna Johnson:

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