A Midsummer Knight’s Kiss – Elisabeth Hobbes

A Midsummer Knight’s Kiss

Elisabeth Hobbes

Robbie Danby/Rowenna Danby

Published: October 1, 2019

My Rating: 5/5 Stars5 star


A stolen moment…

…to reunite them!

Since her mischief-making childhood with Robbie Danby, Rowenna has curbed her impetuous nature and become a lady. When she meets Robbie again in York, he’s close to claiming his knighthood. Their newly awakened affection inspires in Rowenna a new—decidedly adult—impulsiveness! Yet Robbie’s heart appears to belong to another—unless a midsummer kiss could change everything…?


A Midsummer Knight’s Kiss by author Elisabeth Hobbes is a continuation of her series, The Danby Brothers. I absolutely loved The Danby Brothers series and was looking forward to seeing the next generation along with some of my favorite characters from previous books.

We first met Robbie Danby as a young child in Redeeming the Rogue Knight. In a Midsummer Knight’s Kiss, he’s all grown up and making plans for the future. Rowenna Danby is the daughter of Hal & Joanna from The Blacksmith’s Wife. As children, Rowenna and Robbie were closest in age and the best of friends.

As the story starts, we get a glimpse of Rowenna (11) & Robbie (13) together as children. It’s obvious they are close and they have a special bond of friendship. When Robbie leaves home to accomplish his goal of being a Knight, the two promise to always be friends. Our story then jumps seven years ahead with both Robbie & Rowenna as young adults. Their first meeting finds them both surprised at how much the other has changed.

I absolutely loved Robbie and Rowenna! Robbie is an honorable young man, who is trying to find his path in life. He’s clever, kind and brave, but tends to be reserved and shy, especially when it comes to speaking. Rowenna has such a wonderful personality. She’s vibrant, beautiful and full of life. As a couple, they were absolutely perfect for each other and you can’t help but want to see them find a way to be together.

Ms. Hobbes writing is as always exquisitely detailed. The sights, sounds, and the historical detail of York in 1381 come to life. It was wonderful to catch up with Hal, Joanna, Roger & Lucy from the previous stories. With an absolutely adorable couple, wonderful secondary characters and an intriguing storyline, this was a book I struggled to put down! Highly recommend!

~ Rose

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