Christmas with His Wallflower Wife – Janice Preston

Christmas with His Wallflower Wife

(The Beauchamp Heirs #3)

Janice Preston

Lord Alexander Beauchamp/Lady Jane Colebrooke


My Rating: 5/55 star


A convenient bride

Can he be the groom she deserves?

Lord Alexander Beauchamp has protected Lady Jane Colebrooke since childhood. So seeing she’s about to be forced to wed, he steps in with a proposal of his own! But Alex had underestimated the closeness that taking Jane as his bride demands – something he expected never to give. As Christmas approaches, he knows he must confront the dark secrets that shadow their marriage…


Christmas with his Wallflower Wife is the third and final book in author Janice Preston’s “The Beauchamp Heirs” series. For those of us who are fans of Janice Preston’s Beauchamp family series, this is a sad day to have to say goodbye to this family. I’m hoping that at some point, Ms. Preston will find a way back to the Beauchamp family, but if this truly is the end, then I must say she ended it with complete and utter perfection!

Lord Alexander Beauchamp is the youngest son of the Duke of Cheriton. He’s considered the rebellious son, the loner, an outsider who never feels comfortable around his family, especially his father.

Lady Jane Colebrooke’s family estate adjoins the Beauchamp’s in Devonshire. She grew up with the Beauchamp children and was particularly close to Alex. Over the years her hero-worship of Alex has matured into love, but she knows he still sees her as the little girl who followed him around.

I love when a couple has a past together and when friendship turns to love. Although we’ve seen Alex in all the previous stories, Jane is a fairly new character for us. We first met her in the previous book in this series, Daring to Love the Duke’s Heir. I liked her in that story and was happy to hear she was the heroine in this story. She’s grown up with the Beauchamp’s and as we get to know her, we see that Alex has always stood up for her and protected her. So when Jane is being pressured into an unwanted marriage, Alex steps in and offers to marry her himself. I really felt Jane was good for Alex and the one person who could eventually get through to him.

I am a big fan of the Beauchamp Family and was looking forward to Alex’s story to see if we finally get to see the source of his anger. I’ll admit that when it came to Alexander Beauchamp, I really didn’t feel I knew him or understood him… If you’ve followed the series from beginning to end, you are aware Alex was traumatized at an early age and since that time has been troubled and upset. This story brings everything out in the open and explains it all! It’s an extremely emotional read as we watch this young man go through the process of discovering the truth of many years ago.

Ms. Preston is such an excellent writer and this story definitely goes up there as one of her best! This story is so much more than just a newly married couple’s journey from friendship to love. It’s a story about family, secrets, hope, and yes… love. The story takes the reader on an emotional journey and we end up with an extremely perfect ending set at Christmas time. With all of our favorite characters from the previous stories making an appearance, I couldn’t ask for a better ending for a beloved series and family! I’ll admit I closed this book with happy tears! I highly recommend all of Janice Preston’s books, but will always hold a special place in my heart for the Beauchamp Series! Loved it!

~ Rose

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  1. Thank you so much for your brilliant review, Rose! I’m so happy that you enjoyed Alex’s story – even though it was a little dark in places! And I’m sure we’ll catch glimses of the Beauchamps in the future, from time to time 🙂

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