A Runaway Bride for the Highlander – Elisabeth Hobbes

A Runaway Bride for the Highlander

(The Lochmore Legacy #3)

Elisabeth Hobbes

Ewan Lochmore, Earl of Glenarris/Marguerite Vallon

Published: June 1, 2019

My Rating: 5/5 stars5 star


Lost in the Highlands

Found by the laird!

Part of The Lochmore Legacy: a Scottish castle through the ages! Far from her home in France, Marguerite Vallon escapes her arranged marriage to a man she despises. Stowing away in a stranger’s cart, she finds herself headed deep into the Highlands with Ewan Lochmore, the new Earl of Glenarris! Ewan vows to protect her. But maybe the freedom Marguerite has been searching for can be found with this rugged warrior…


A Runaway Bride for the Highlander by author Elisabeth Hobbes is the third book in The Lochmore Legacy. In the previous stories in this series, we did hear of Ewan and Marguerite so I was excited to learn more about them as a couple and the part they played in the mystery. After reading this story, I must congratulate Ms. Hobbes as she has given us another masterpiece to add to this series and brought us one step closer to unraveling the mystery! Another book of perfection!

Ewan Lochmore has traveled to Sterling to claim his title of the new Earl of Glenarris with the death of his father and brother. Ewan was the second son, sent to study law at the University in Glasgow with no intention of ever leading his clan. Ewan’s career ended with the death of his father and brother and now he struggles with grief and fear of his new role as Earl.

Marguerite Vallon is not happy to be in Scotland. She misses her homeland of France and her mother who died two months ago. She is also not happy with the marriage arrangement her father made for her to Duncan McCrieff a man almost twice her age. When she realizes she cannot go through with the wedding, she devises a plan to sneak on to Ewan’s cart to help her get closer to the coast and escape back to France.

Ms. Hobbes writing is as always beautifully and richly detailed, so much so that you feel yourself pulled into the storyline absorbing every moment. Ewan and Marguerite are a fabulous couple. Although they have little in common they both are suffering from the grief of the loss of their loved ones and facing an uncertain future, which neither one of them planned nor wanted. You can actually feel the weight on Ewan’s shoulders as he struggles with the uncertainty over whether he will be accepted as Laird. As for Marguerite, she’s very young but she’s strong, brave, kind-hearted and determined to make a life for herself. Although there is an awareness on Marguerite’s part and an attraction on Ewan’s, he knows she’s engaged to Duncan and has no plans to act on it in the beginning. But when Marguerite runs away from her betrothed and Ewan agrees to help her, a journey to Lochmore has them finding it harder and harder to resist the feelings that are growing between them. As the journey comes to an end the uncertainty of both their futures hangs in the air. Will they part as agreed or will they be able to overcome the uncertainties and admit their feelings towards each other.

With the mystery now coming closer to being revealed, Ms. Hobbes has given us a wonderful story full of fabulous characters, stunning scenery, and an absolutely perfect ending for this couple. I absolutely loved this story and highly recommend it!

~ Rose

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