A Lady of Courage – Catherine Tinley

A Lady of Courage

Catherine Tinley

Charles Thornton/Elizabeth Milford

Published April 23, 2019

My Rating:  5/5 Stars5 star


Following a scandalous elopement and a cloud of mystery over the legitimacy of her child, Elizabeth has spent years in exile, hiding away from society. Now back in London for the first time, can she find the courage to regain her place and find love?


This book was a pleasant surprise for me! While reading the story, I realized that the heroine in this story Elizabeth Milford is actually the mother of Juliana Milford the heroine in The Captain’s Disgraced Lady, a book I absolutely loved. So if you’ve read that story, you’ve already met Elizabeth. I was excited to get to see Elizabeth’s point of view as this story coincides with her daughter Juliana’s.

Well first I have to say I really liked Elizabeth! She followed her heart as a young girl of twenty one and eloped to France with the man she loved. By the time she turned twenty-two she was a widow with an infant daughter. At forty-two she’s a respected mother of a twenty year old beautiful, accomplished young lady. When Juliana is invited to England to visit her dear friend Charlotte who recently married an earl, Elizabeth begins to panic. Elizabeth has not been in England since she eloped and is worried to face the scandal of her past.

I liked watching Elizabeth gain her confidence after returning to England. She spent so many years fearful of the past catching up with her, that to watch her finally come to terms and move forward was refreshing. Charles Thornton was just perfect for Elizabeth! He’s kind, handsome, patient and understanding of her situation. He really was the perfect man for her and I’m so glad they were able to find their way to each other.

Catherine Tinley is such a wonderful writer & I enjoyed this storyline so much. Along with a fabulous hero & heroine, there are several secondary characters along with an absolutely perfect ending to make this a must read. Highly recommend!

~ Rose


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