A Letter From a Lady – Cynthia Sterling

A Letter From a Lady

Cynthia Sterling

Adam Kendrick, Viscount Morgan/Lady Clarissa Delaware

Published: April 23, 2019

My Rating:  5/5 Stars5 star


Deserted by her husband, Lady Clarissa Delaware has opened her home as a respite for ailing gentry, but her newest lodger is a mystery man who seems far too interested in her. Will dangerous intrigue and forbidden passion unite Viscount Adam Kendrick and Lady Clarissa in a bond sure to cause scandal?


A Letter from a Lady by Cynthia Sterling is another fabulous story from a new to me author. I really enjoyed this one!

Adam Kendrick, Viscount Morgan is looking for his brother Devon. Seems his brother got mixed up with some smugglers after leaving home from a fight with Adam. So when Adam has someone steal letters from the leader of the gang to find out his true identity, he finds a love letter from a Lady Clarissa Delaware. Adam sets out to see Lady Delaware and to see if she knows the whereabouts of her husband. Lady Clarissa Delaware’s husband has disappeared and not been seen since he went bankrupt years ago. She has been taking in elderly gentry to help with the upkeep of her family estate.

Well, first I have to say this story had my attention from beginning to end, wondering when the mysterious husband would reappear and how Adam and Clarissa would ever find a way to be together. Their first meeting was not love at first sight, although there is an attraction, both are suspicious of each other. Adam doesn’t trust that Clarissa isn’t a part of her husband’s smuggling ring, and Clarissa doesn’t trust Adam of telling the truth of why he’s in her home. I liked Clarissa, she’s a woman who is kind and loving and has taken everything on her shoulders. Adam’s interactions with the children and the elderly people in the house were priceless! He was a good man who was struggling to find his brother and to fight the growing desire for Clarissa a married woman.

This story is well written with fabulous secondary characters, smugglers, plus a surprise I didn’t see coming at all, this was truly an enjoyable read. I will definitely look into more of Ms. Sterling’s books!

~ Rose


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