Invitation to a Cornish Christmas – Marguerite Kaye, Bronwyn Scott

Invitation to a Cornish Christmas

Marguerite Kaye, Bronwyn Scott

Captain Treeve Penhaligon/Emily Faulkner (The Captain’s Christmas Proposal – Marguerite Kaye)

Cador Kitto/Rosenwyn Treleven (Unwrapping His Festive Temptation – Bronwyn Scott)

Published: October 1, 2019

My Rating: 5/5 Stars5 star


Welcome to a Regency Christmas…

…in these two festive short stories!

Captain Treeve Penhaligon must return to Cornwall when he inherits his family’s grand estate. But could his meeting with Emily Faulkner on the wild beaches be even more life changing? Find out in Marguerite Kaye’s The Captain’s Christmas Proposal. Then, discover what happens when Treeve invites composer Cador Kitto to complete the celebrations, and Cade clashes with local girl Rosenwyn Treleven in Unwrapping His Festive Temptation by Bronwyn Scott…


I love when authors collaborate on a writing project. It’s great to see two different voices working together to connect the characters and stories together. I also love Christmas stories so was excited to hear that Marguerite Kaye & Bronwyn Scott were collaborating on Invitation to a Cornish Christmas.

The Captain’s Christmas Proposal by Marguerite Kaye

We first start out with The Captain’s Christmas Proposal by Marguerite Kaye set in Cornwall in 1822.

Captain Treeve Penhaligon has returned to Porth Karrek after the death of his oldest brother. He’s been at sea for over 20 years and never expected to inherit the estate.

Emily Faulkner has been renting a cottage in Porth Karrek for the last six months. She came to Cornwall to escape a scandal and is content in her adopted home, although she’s somewhat lonely as she’s considered an outsider.

Ms. Kaye really did an outstanding job with this story and couple! From the moment these two meet on the beach you feel the connection, an immediate attraction. Both are outsiders in Porth Karrek and become close friends. With Treeve leaving in 6 months and Emily’s past haunting her, both resist the feelings growing between them.

I absolutely adored this couple, their connection was so instant that you immediately knew they belonged together. Ms. Kayes writing is as always sublime. You feel the heartbreak of Emily’s past and Treeve’s shock when it’s revealed. It’s obvious she does tremendous research as Porth Karrek vividly comes to life. This was a wonderful story full of fabulous characters, stunning scenery, and an absolutely perfect ending for this couple. I absolutely loved this story and highly recommend it!

Unwrapping His Festive Temptation – Bronwyn Scott

Unwrapping His Festive Temptation is set in Porth Karrek, Cornwall in 1822 and takes place at the same time as Margaret Kaye’s story, The Captain’s Christmas Proposal.

Cador “Cade” Kitto has been asked by Captain Penhaligon to return home to Porth Karrek to produce a Christmas cantata. Cade left twenty years ago and is not happy to be back. He’s only there for the money and plans on leaving as soon as possible.

Rosenwyn “Rose” Treleven is the eldest of six unmarried sisters from a wealthy family in Porth Karrek. After her heart was broken in London, she’s spent the last year in Porth Karrek trying to forget and protect herself from not getting hurt again.

Another fabulous story and couple, this time from the pen of Bronwyn Scott! When Cado and Rose first meet they don’t actually hit it off. When circumstances bring them together, not only do they see they have things in common, they realize they are attracted to each other. But both are holding secrets from their past, and Cado has no intention of staying in Porth Karrek after the holiday is over.

I absolutely loved watching this couple get to know each other and learn to trust and love one another. Their love of music brings them together and Rose’s habit of problem-solving helps Cade to find the inspiration he’s been lacking. Ms. Scott’s writing is rich in detail, emotion, and romance. This was another wonderful story with an absolutely perfect ending for this couple.

Marguerite Kaye and Bronwyn Scott did a fantastic job of giving us two beautifully written stories that blended together perfectly. Both authors excel in fabulous characters, stunning scenery & intriguing storylines. I loved both these stories and wouldn’t mind visiting these characters again. Highly recommend!

~ Rose

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