One Night with the Viking – Harper St. George

One Night with the Viking

(Viking Warriors #2)

Harper St. George


Published: January 1st 2016

My Rating:

5 star
5 Stars


“You don’t understand what you do to me.” 

His whole life, Gunnar has felt unworthy of love. Then one unforgettable night, his childhood sweetheart Kadlin offers herself to him. Knowing he will never truly deserve her, he leaves the next morning… The memories will have to last a lifetime.

Kadlin was devastated when Gunnar left. Now, two years later, he returns, wounded from his battles across the sea. And Kadlin must decide whether to trust him again, and tell him about the true consequence of their one night together!


One Night with the Viking is the second in Harper St. George’s “Viking Warrior” series. This story focuses on Gunnar and Kadlin who both made appearances in the previous book. Gunnar caught my eye in the previous book and I was eager to get to know him better.

Gunnar is the half-brother to Eirik the hero in the first book in this series. Gunnar is marred with nightmares of his past. His mother abandoned him, his father rejected him, and he lives with the guilt of a tragedy that happened to Eirik when they were boys. The one person who ever showed him tenderness and approval was Kadlin…

Kadlin was the childhood friend to Eirik and Gunnar. Her father and their father were friends and expected Kadlin to eventually marry Eirik. But Kadlin wanted a marriage like her parents, one built on love. She refused Eirik and a marriage to him in the previous book. It seems Eirik never owned her heart, Gunnar did….

I felt there was much more to Gunnar than what we saw in the previous book and was happy to see this book was his story. Harper is a wonderful writer and brought out a side of Gunnar that had me wanting to see him finally find happiness and love. In the glimpses I saw of Kadlin in the last book, I immediately liked her! She seemed like a smart and kind young woman and I was hoping we would see her somewhere in the rest of the series. What I didn’t expect was that Kadlin and Gunnar cared for each other. I knew they grew up together as children, but didn’t realize how deep those feelings ran. It was a pleasant surprise and I felt these two truly belonged together. There are a lot of issues and trust that has been broken between these two and a lot of healing that needed to take place. Harper wove a beautiful story for these two who almost lost it all. Like the previous book in this series, I couldn’t put this story down once I started it! I finished it in one day! I absolutely loved it and look forward to continuing with this series. Highly recommend!

~ Rose

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