Confessions of Lady Grace – Rachel Ann Smith

Confessions of Lady Grace

(Agents of the Home Office #4)

Rachel Ann Smith

Matthew Stanford, The Marquess of Harrington/Lady Grace Oldridge

Published: August 20, 2020

She sacrificed her future to save his life.
He survived only to return home and find she is betrothed to another.
Will her confessions set them both free?

Lady Grace made a bargain with the devil in exchange for information that would guarantee the safe return of the man that her heart refused to relinquish.

Matthew Stanford, The Marquess of Harrington, returns to England and retreats to his empty country manor to regain his strength. His days were preoccupied with devising plans that would see the man responsible for his brutal imprisonment pay the ultimate price for his misdeeds. But at night, the woman whose image helped him survive plagued his dreams.

They had once worked together as a cohesive team. Will revenge and jealousy prevent the couple from doing so again? Or will her confessions of love be the driving factor that compels them to join forces once more?

Confessions of Lady Grace is the final book in the Agents of the Home Office series. An intriguing, heartwarming novel with unexpected twists and surprises. Guaranteed to tug on your heartstrings.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Confessions of Lady Grace is the fourth and final book in author Rachel Ann Smith’s series, Agents of the Home Office. This story focuses on Matthew Stanford, The Marquess of Harrington & Lady Grace Oldridge, two characters who we met at the beginning of this series. Both characters have played predominant roles in the previous books and there has been an underlying current of something between them that I was anxious to find out about. Although I do believe their story could be read as a standalone, I highly recommend reading the entire series to get to meet all the wonderful previous characters and understand the plotline better.

So we finally get Grace & Matthew’s story! I’ve been watching this couple in the previous books in the series and was hoping we would get to see them finally get together and gain their HEA. Ms. Smith did a wonderful job with the storyline and bringing these two characters together. I loved seeing all the past characters from the previous books and catching up with them and their situations. Grace’s relationship with her father was heartwarming and how she dealt with his dementia made me love her even more. She was a fabulous, strong young woman who had a lot to deal with. It’s obvious that these two characters love each other but both had their obstacles to overcome.

This was such a fabulous conclusion to this series. Although I’m sad to see this series end, I can’t wait to read Ms. Smith’s next series, The Hadfields! The Hadfields start out with a character from this current series and I’m dying to get his story, Landon Neale, the Earl of Hadfield. But until the new series comes out, I highly recommend you pick up this book and check out the Agents of the Home Office series. Rachel Ann Smith did a wonderful job with this series and all the characters. An extremely enjoyable read!

~ Rose


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